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Wedding Photography: It’s not about my portfolio

I spend a few minutes every day reviewing the work of my peers in the photography business. I have a group that I follow on Facebook and Twitter, and through their blogs. Oddly, my style is completely different from the photographers I follow. Maybe that’s on purpose. I’m not looking for ideas. I simply draw inspiration from the energy and joy exhibited in their work.

Over the weekend, I noticed a flood of new weddings on the blogs, and I was struck by how many of the bride and groom shots were posed, away from the ceremony and reception. They were more like engagement session images than actual wedding images. The blog posts were beautiful.

I’ve wanted to do more posed mini-sessions with my brides and grooms on the wedding day. In our planning meetings leading up to the big day, I’ve even talked to the bride and groom about scheduling a small amount of time for these kinds of shots, and they have been very enthusiastic about the idea.

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But if you’ve browsed my recent weddings, you will notice that there aren’t that many of these posed shots. The fact is, if we are running short on time, or the bride and groom are anxious to get the reception started, these mini-sessions are the first thing that gets cut from the schedule.

Of course I’m always a little disappointed when this happens. I would love to fill my portfolio with dreamy, elegant images of the couple in their first few moments of marriage. But it’s not about me and my portfolio. I’m photographing the moments that the bride and groom decide to show me. That’s really what it’s all about. Portfolio be damned.

I’m photographing my 7th wedding of Spring / Summer 2011 in a few weeks, and we’ve already talked to the bride and groom about doing a mini-session between the ceremony and reception. They love the idea. We’ll see if it works out. If not, I won’t be disappointed.


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